Edwin Curley on religious liberty – the site contains essays dedicated to the problem of the historical sources of religious liberty especially with regard to the philosophy of Spinoza.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on Enlightenment – a general overview of the philosophy of Enlightenment, with focus on debates about the true, good and beautiful.

The Immanent Frame – the blog aims to describe and analyse complex relations between religion and secular state.

Persistent Enlightenment – a blog about the significance of the Enlightenment for the current condition of western culture. The author of the blog is James Schmidt.

Laïcité on French Radio – a wide selection of programs on the topic that can be listened online.

A Le Monde article on two main conceptions of secularism in contemporary France – should a state be neutral to religion or non-religious? With interesting comments.

The Encyclopedia of Diderot & d’Alembert – an online translation project of all over 70’000 entries of the 32 volumes of Encyclopédie (1751-77) into English. New translations are added regularly

The founding documents of the United States in an accessible online version.